Etika Media
  • Because we like to think that things are moving forward in Romania based on competence, and ethics, no nepotism and bribes;
  • Because our name speaks for us as a company, as a team, as people.
  • Because that`s the way we are ...
Why “Life is a serious game”?
  • Because life really is a game, a game with rules imposed by people, companies and ourselves!
  • But, more relevant: we like to play with ideas, to poke the "inside" to discover concepts for products that promise to be relevant to consumers.
  • We like to create the difference in marketing that increase our customers sales .
Some things about us
  • We are a team of open-minded people, with great ideas, and we don`t want to be involved in projects that we don`t believe in. We love brainstorming and we hate to work with people who answer our demands "can not".
  • For us everything is possible: these issues depends only on time or money. However ...we believe that there is nothing cheap,  ready in a short period of time and at high quality standard.  
  • What else to say? We put our soul in what we are doing and our target is always tangible: we always achieve our goals along with our clients!
PR & press conference
  • In terms of external communication, media relations play an important role. So we always seek “what ?” and “how?” we communicate.
  • PR for us means more than just Public Relation, means persuasive  communication, inducement of a product, concept, image, idea to a targeted audience, viewed in a certain light, in a certain angle.
Custom Event Planning
  • Want to celebrate a landmark event but you do not know what is the best form of accomplishment? If we decide together the message that you want your event to convey, we will take care of the rest, considering that each component of the event will create a strong identity both in harmony with corporate values and what it wants to communicate;
  • We will create the identity of your event, combining and linking components will create an event with strong personality, distinct and in perfect harmony with the desired message. In addition, the event will not be forgotten or confused with another event EVER!
Marketing materials

We like things started to go from start to finish. So, once we have created a concept together, and set the message that we want to convey we`ll take care that the necessary materials, both electronic and print, to respect this concept, to be uniform and high quality.

SEO & Online Marketing

This department was formed in response to increased market demand for this type of service. His goal is the composition of a complete online marketing solutions to product / brand / client can be used successfully as a complement of PR services and more!

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